This project aims at promoting quality education to underprivileged children in local communities in Uganda. The focus is on providing scholastic materials and sanitary pads. Underprivileged children face challenges in accessing and remaining in school due to untimely and lack of education support. For most of these children, accessing scholastic materials is a challenge. The girls are also faced with the challenge of requiring sanitary pads exposing them to poor menstrual health outcomes due to failing to acquire sanitary pads. This project immensely benefits children, mostly those from marginalised communities receiving little to no education support. By providing scholastic materials and sanitary pads, our goal is to support the beneficiaries in studying well by facilitating them to regularly attend classes, enjoy school and have the basics they require to remain in school. This will enable them to become self-reliant and have high chances of achieving their goals in the future. The project therefore promotes academic success and given that education is a weapon to break through the cycle of poverty, the success of the project directly contributes to sustainable development and community growth.